The AAIMI Project

Various AAIMI devices and interfaces. Picture: Anthony Hartup.

Active Autonomous Independent Machine Interface

Welcome to the AAIMI project.

AAIMI (pronounced ar-y-mie) is an independent machine-interface platform built on Python, Javascript and PHP. It aims to provide a free and open-source foundation for the wide variety of software we need now, and into the future.

It is designed to support applications including home-automation and monitoring systems, as well as robotic movement, communication and learning. It also provides automated server monitoring/management and an array of automated tools for general local and web-based tasks.

Many AAIMI modules use Raspberry Pi computers and Arduino motor-controllers. We are also building a selection of prototype hardware devices to test AAIMI's control systems in the real-world. Where possible these devices are made using salvaged components to show just how versatile and open the platform is. I am sharing all the designs for these devices so users can build their own.

The first 'I' in AAIMI stands for independent. We aim to build programs that don't require you to sign up to privacy-sapping third-party accounts. All data these programs collect are available only to you.

AAIMI Home Automation

The main AAIMI control-center. Picture: Anthony Hartup.
The main AAIMI control-center for phone, tablet and PC.

Home-automation is the project's main focus at the moment. AAIMI Home can do most of the things the big companies offer, and it can do that all from one system. You don't need an app to turn on a light from one company, and an app to control a heater from another company, then another app to switch your coffee machine on. You also avoid all the associated online accounts and logins.

This system also belongs to you, and so does the data it collects about you, and your home or business. This is an important distinction from the other smart-home systems available. Just about all of those companies have already factored the sale of your personal data into their business-models.

AAIMI Home is currently at BETA stage, build 0.9.

Click here to read more about AAIMI Home Automation.

Aaimi GPIO

The AAIMI GPIO web-interface

AAIMI GPIO allows you to configure and control the GPIO pins on a Raspberry Pi and Arduino from your phone.

It has an easy-to-use interface for setting pins, and a control interface for switching outputs, running PWM motors and monitoring inputs.

You can assign tasks for input events, like switching another pin high to turn on a light if an input goes high.

Click here to check it out

Click here to read more about AAIMI GPIO.

Aaimi GPS Mapper

AAIMI GPS Mapper creates multiple GPS perimeters for multiple users, which your programs can use to determine your location.

You can embedd the AAIMI GPS Mapper in your Python programs with just a few lines of code.

Check out the GPS Mapper tutorial at Anth's Computer Cave.


The two main components of AAIMI Clip. Picture: Anthony Hartup.
The two main components of AAIMI Clip.

AAIMI Clip is a browser-independent web-organizer and bookmark-manager.

AAIMI Clip ALPHA build 0.3 allows you to create your own manual search engine and site-indexes. You can use it for day-to-day bookmarks, but you can also import it into your website as an embedded search-box.

Check out the full details in the AaimiClip tutorial hub over at Anth's Computer cave.


AAIMI has several server modules, including AAIMI Sever Dog and AAIMI Site Mod.

These programs aim to automate tasks on web-servers. They are configured for an Apache server on Raspian Linux, but they'll work on other servers with minor path adjustments.

Click here to read more about AAIMI server tools.

Aaimi RFID Alarm

AAIMI RFID alarm is a simple car or garage alarm system you arm and disarm with a card or keyring.

The AaimiSocial feed page. Picture: Anthony Hartup

You can put it together for about twenty bucks with cheap components on ebay.

Check out the RFID alarm tutorial at Anth's Computer Cave.


AaimiSocial is a communication platform that you control on your own website. It is ideal for families, clubs and groups that don't want invasive companies snooping on their private data. It allows members to share messages and images with selected members, or post to all members at once.

The AaimiSocial feed page. Picture: Anthony Hartup
The AaimiSocial feed page.

I first built the system to keep in touch with family members and friends who wisely shun FaceBook and its privacy-sapping network. I soon realized it could become a general-purpose tool for many other organizations and groups.

Click here for setup and usage instructions.


Two prototype robots from the AAIMI Project. Picture: Anthony Hartup.
Two prototype robots from the AAIMI Project.

With all our focus on home-automation, the AAIMI robots have been cruely neglected lately. We have some build instructions for two of our robots, aaimiV1 and aaimiV2. There are some of the control-programs for components on our Download page, but that is about all.

I don't expect to resume work on the robot programs until October, 2016.