The AAIMI Project

Various AAIMI devices and interfaces. Picture: Anthony Hartup.

Active Autonomous Independent Machine Interface

AAIMI Hardware

The prototype hardware for the AAIMI Project includes various components for home-automation tasks as well as a series of robots.

All of our hardware works via a Raspberry Pi computer and Arduino micro-controllers, and a mix of retail and home-made sensors and devices.

This page has links to the various hardware builds for the AAIMI project.

Home automation hardware

The AAIMI home-automation platform uses a selection of cheap (often home-made) prototype hardware to monitor and control your home or business.


A selection of AAIMI prototype home-automation satellites. Picture: Anthony Hartup
A selection of AAIMI prototype home-automation satellites.

There are movement, light and temperature sensors currently built into all-in-one satellites. It also caters for smoke and gas sensors.

It uses relays salvaged from old TVs to automatically switch lights, heating and cooling. I am mostly using salvaged and home-built prototype components to show how open and flexible the platform is. It can also work with a wide variety of digital sensors.

Read more about the AAIMI Home prototype hardware.


AAIMIv2 is larger, more powerful, and more complicated than AAIMIv1.

The larger motors can't quite match the turning accuracy of AAIMIv1, but that is overcome by a highly accurate, 360 degree swivelling sensor mast.

This robot is about four times faster than its predecessor already, and it will be faster again when I finish the power system.

You can find details and instructions here. These instructions are a work in progress but they should give you an idea for now.


AAIMIv1 was the first build for the project. It is a small robot driven by two 5V stepper motors that give it fantastic turning accuracy. It uses distance sensors to map its environment and draw two-dimensional images.

While the little stepper motors give the unit great accuracy, they are slow. This robot battles to move more than a few of metres a minute.

This robot is now fully built. You can find details and instructions for the build here